September Feature: The AQS “Quick-Knife”

The American Quicksilver Company’s “Quick-Knife” is the better alternative to the standard box cutter blade. It’s edge is honed to an industrial level of precision makes for a cleaner cut. This blade is heat treated and 3mm thick, making it stronger than any razor blade, making it less likely to break. Finally, our unique tip allows the blade to pierce through just about anything, making tough straps and other materials easy to cut through. As far as a utility knife goes, there is no sharper, stronger, or more capable knife than the AQS “Quick-knife”

• Heat-Treated, high-alloy stainless steel blade- Industrial grade durability, rust resistant, wear resistant. The most durable utility knife on the market.
•Patent-pending, ultra-sharp tip. Extremely high piercing power, can cut items directly from the tip. This allows for piercing of tough materials. Perfect for cutting straps, tough woven materials, or even precision marking of materials.
•High-Tolerance edge. Our blade starts at .090” thick all the way down to a razor’s edge. This makes for an industrial quality cut, a cleaner cut than any box-cutter blade can give you. This is combined with a high-thickness body, ensuring that the blade will never snap. It can even be resharpened!
•Ergonomic Grip: The plastic molded back to the knife ensures comfort and safety while using the knife. The shape and balance of the knife itself also allows for a more ergonomic way of holding and using the knife, reducing hand fatigue.