Gold Standard Titanium Pneumatic Knife Holder

American Quicksilver Company is the exclusive worldwide supplier of our “Gold-Standard” pneumatic score knife holder assemblies. Pneumatic Holders cut lengthwise, with an air-actuated mechanism that presses the knife against a hardened sleeve with material or a web being slit between them. The AQS Holder is an inexpensive, highly accurate, and reliable alternative to identical PQAS style holders found worldwide.

AQS Gold-Standard knife holders have a titanium skin, allowing the knife to “float” between the side plates. As a result these holders operate with less friction and heat, increasing their lifespan. The titanium skin on the side plates is harder than the knife itself, allowing the side plates to resist high heat from friction and adding additional protection against warping.  The skin also allows for better lubricity and wear resistance. Finally, the titanium skin is extremely rust and corrosion resistant, even more resistant than the black-oxide coating on our standard holder. The Titanium Coating helps to prevent rust and corrosion. Combine a gold holder with one of our D2 stainless-steel knives, and you have an assembly that’s corrosion-resistant enough to be sprayed clean with water. If your line has “wet” or “contaminated” conditions, this could be your answer!

Features of Titanium Coating:

  • Rust and Corrosion Resistant
  • High-Temperature Resistant
  • Wear Resistant & Warp Resistant
  • We are the Experts in Supplying Gold-Standard Pneumatic Knife Holders

AQS holders are made with hardened, precision-ground side plates and our tolerance on our standard holder width is .499” +.001/-.000”. This holder supports most standard score knives.

We currently supply two types of score knives for each holder:

  • American Style with a bore of .866”
  • European style with a bore of .748.”

These holders are ideal for high-usage applications and where abrasive materials are cut. Common applications are for industries requiring an accurate slitting of .500” including:

  • Paper Cutting
  • Film Cutting
  • Foil Cutting
  • Food-Processing
  • Sand Paper
  • Abrasive Belt
  • Rubber Slitting

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