Resharpening Services

At American QuickSilver Co., our goal is to ensure that our customers can find whatever they need in one place. We provide a number of services to make this a reality.

Whether that means we perform the service ourselves or refer our customers to a trusted partner who we know will do the job well.

Our industrial knife resharpening service aims to help our customers get their blades back as quickly as possible to minimize their downtime. Sometimes we will refer them to a trusted local grind shop in their area, or we can do industrial knife sharpening in-house. We only refer customers that need their knives resharpened to companies we have built a good relationship with over many years and that we trust our customers with. Many times, these grind shops will offer a pick up and delivery option for reconditioned industrial knives.

Our votator blade reconditioning service is what we often recommend for any industrial blade being used in this industry. Many times, an inexperienced hand will leave too rough of a grind on these highly sensitive blades, allowing for bacteria and rust to accumulate on the industrial knife. Instead, we recondition these votator blades to “like-new” quality, so that our customers have the same high performing blade for the life of the knife and never need to worry about a bad blade.

We guarantee all of our industrial knife resharpening and reconditioning services will meet our standards of quality and performance. Consistency is key and so that is our focus. Our customers can expect quick turn around times and competitive pricing for all of our resharpening and reconditioning services

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