Industrial Knife Capabilities

In-House Heat Treating

American Quicksilver is one of the few industrial knife companies that does all of its heat treating in house. This enables us to significantly cut down on lead times and control the quality of the blades from start to finish. A contract heat-treater, which many of our competitors use, has to try and heat-treat a variety of different steel types at once to try and satisfy all of their customer’s needs for their industrial blades. Our ability to heat-treat our own industrial knives in-house allows us to heat-treat specifically for every job, ensuring that the knives are to the exact hardness for knives specified by our customers.

Specialty Coatings

American QuickSilver offers a variety of coatings for our industrial knives. From converting to food processing, coatings are utilized to enhance the performance and life of the blades when needed. We offer industrial knife coatings that are resistant to rusting, corrosive environments, and high-wear applications. We can also recommend necessary coatings to our customers based on their needs for their industrial knives.


Resharpening Services

Our industrial knife resharpening service aims to help our customers get their blades back as quickly as possible to minimize downtime. We can refer them to a trusted local grinding shop, or we can offer industrial knife sharpening in-house. We only refer customers for resharpening services to companies we have built good relationships with over many years. Many of these grinding shops offer a pick up and delivery option for reconditioning of industrial knives. We guarantee all of our in-house industrial knife resharpening and reconditioning services will meet our standards of quality and performance. Consistency is key and that is our focus. Our customers can expect quick turn around times and competitive pricing for all of our resharpening and reconditioning services

Custom Knife Manufacturing

AQS produces thousands of custom blades every year across all industries. With manufacturing locations world wide, we are able to rely on our experts with decades of experience for these highly precise industrial blades with specialized requirements. Our high range of capabilities and materials allows American Quicksilver to be the absolute best choice for custom industrial knives. Our in house-heat treating and five-axis state-of-the-art grinding machinery ensures that our customers will receive exactly what their specifications demand, and we offer peace of mind to our custom knife customers with high quality blades, consistent lead times, and great value for our custom industrial knives.

Custom Laser Etching

Our in house etching department is able to laser etch any logo or information on the parts at the customer’s request. This capability allows our customers to push their brand to their customers while associating it with an industrial knife of the highest quality, or to maintain an easy way to identify the knife for their own inventory needs.