The American QuickSilver Company (AQS) is committed to supplying premium machine knives at competitive prices. As one of the premier suppliers of industrial knives and blades, we have the ability to offer our customers OEM quality products at a fraction of the price.

Serious Capabilities

With machining capabilities including laser cutting, 5-axis high accuracy grinders, precision lapping and nitrogen and ammonia environmental heat-treatment, our industrial knives and blades are exceptional.

Better Quality, Better Prices

A family owned business, AQS has positioned itself as a very focused machine knife service company. We pride ourselves on our ability to ensure correct engineering, material selection, prompt delivery and prices far better than most of our competition. Quality is what we strive to achieve in all aspects of our business.


A quality product, zero defects, on-time delivery, and continuous improvement, combined with our certified material supply chain and extensive control of manufacturing processes ensure your products are made to last.

  • Appleton
  • Bosch
  • Rotoflex
  • Tidland
  • Paco
  • Arpeco
  • Conair
  • Cumberland
  • Deacro
  • Catbridge
  • Coretech
  • Crepaco
  • Dienes
Our quality guarantee

American Quicksilver is a premium supplier of high grade, OEM-quality industrial machine knives. Our blades are made for precision machines. We specialize in tight tolerances and ultra-alloy materials. We have forged our reputation on our consistency to hold tight tolerances and alloy requirements, together with our stellar customer service. All our blades are manufactured in our ISO 9001 certified factories that have a wide range of machining capabilities, including laser cutting, 5 axis high-accuracy grinders, precision lapping, and nitrogen/ammonia heat treatment performed in-house. Our industrial knives are made to the highest level of quality and are free from any workmanship or material defects in the blades.

High quality knives matched with great prices

AQS is a “high-volume” knife supplier. Our ability to maintain the high level of precision necessary for the manufacturing of industrial blades while producing in high quantities allows us to pass cost savings on to our customers. We stock most popular items for the converting industry, which you can find in our stock list. We also make many custom knife sets. In fact, we are geared towards making blades for Original Equipment Manufacturers. Our specialty in OEM supply is expressed through our high-quality blades, preserving the reputation of the OEM. Flexible blanket stocking programs are available along with other OEM specific services.

If it’s hardened and ground, we can make it

Our knives cover a wide range of industries. Our company was built on supplying blades for converting industries. These include circular slitters, score cutters, core cutters, as well as our Pneumatic Knife Holder. We also make blades for the packaging industry with many tooth styles, including straight and scalloped. We manufacture food processing knives from the highest grade of stainless steel. These food processing knives are used in standard commercial applications, including the processing of ice cream, meat, bakery products and more. These are not all the blades we make, but some of the most notable.

We can quote any blade with a print, dimensions, or photo

American Quicksilver supplies a wide variety of blades. These include many different styles of circular slitters, including dished slitters and flat slitters, with many differing types of bevels and keyways. We also have a wide range of razor blades in various materials, ranging from carbon steel to Tungsten Carbide and even Ceramic, with multiple coatings available. We have experience with numerous styles of packaging blades. We make blades for VFFS machines, HFFS machines, vacuum packaging, cutoff knives and more. We offer various tooth styles and coatings, including TiN coated blades. Our food processing blades include ice cream scraper knives, bread and bagel slicing blades, meat cutting, and even stew blades. We manufacture blades in a variety of other specialized types as well, our custom knife history is quite extensive. We have decades of experience making custom blades across many industries.

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American Quicksilver has been in the knife business for over 20 years providing standard and custom blades. We set out to position ourselves as a top supplier of high-quality industrial knives to OEM’s and distributors, and to large-scale plants. Over the decades, we have acquired a great deal of expertise, and we are here to share with you our knowledge on your recommended material, bevel type, best practices for caring of the knife and more. If you have any questions, please feel free to visit our “contact us” page!