Why AQS?


High Precision Manufacturer

The American QuickSilver Company identifies itself as a high precision knife supplier. Our main focus is on blades that hold tight tolerances and require acute attention to detail. The reputation of AQS Co. was built on the ability to hold these tight tolerances and to manufacture parts out of high alloy and ultra alloy materials. Our various factory locations worldwide give us the ability to diversify our inventory and our capabilities to better serve our customers.


ISO-9001 Certified

Our factories are ISO 9001 certified. Quality is a guarantee. With machining capabilities including laser cutting, 5 axis high accuracy grinders, precision lapping, and nitrogen and ammonia environmental heat treatment, the product is exceptional. AQS Co.’s factories are on target with high quality, high tolerance and high volume work.  


Superior Quality, Affordable Prices

AQS offers quality products at competitve prices. Our ability to manufacture precision machine knives in high volume allows us to pass the cost savings on to our customers. Our commitment to quality is exemplified with our quality guarantee on all of our blades for the “life of the knife”. We carry our quality not just with our products but also with our customer service. AQS strives to provide a valuable service to many machine builders, distributors and end users. We want to see good products used to manufacture the things we use in our everyday lives. Quality starts at the source.


20+ Years Experience

Established in 1998, we have crossed our 20 year mark. We have formed extensive relationships with industry leaders around the world including German OEMs. In fact 30% of our product goes directly to German machine builders. The experience of our factories, engineering team, sales team and our support staff set us up as a perfect partner for anyone looking to purchase precision machine parts. Our small staff allows for great flexibility to accommodate our customers.

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