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AQS packaging blades are used in countless locations around the country. Our inventory of industrial knives includes toothed knives for OEMs like Bosch, Viking, Axon, General Packaging, George Gordon, Matrix, Cryovac, Rovema, and Hayssen. We understand that consistency of quality is extremely important with these blades. Our toothed blades are available with different tooth styles and in various lengths. We are also able to offer our customers that require code39 and QR codes the proper services needed to keep their operations running smoothly.

As a supplier of packaging knives to major OEMs in the packaging and tape industries, we cover all aspects of the packaging landscape, including those using industrial razor blades. All our industrial knives conform to the tight tolerances that this industry demands, while also providing valuable services like our stocking programs and our engineering services. Each packaging knife we manufacture for our customers is accompanied by a custom print for that exact part for the customer’s reference so they know exactly what they are receiving upon delivery.



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