Packaging Machine Blades and Knives

Packaging Knives

AQS supplies packaging knives to companies like Bosch, General Packaging and Axon. We have multiple facilities capable of producing industrial knives in a variety of materials. We offer engineering advice for these straight blades, down to the tooth needed.

We supply many packaging knives directly to the OEMs. This ensures that all of our packaging blades meet the standards of the machine builder and their users. Our accurate engineering and manufacturing processes allow us to produce blades at a high volume while maintaining the consistency needed for the blades to work properly.

Our products include VFFS knives, HFFS knives, vacuum packaging knives, film wrapping knives, meat processing knives, carton sealing knives, tamper evident knives and knives for other processes. We can provide V-tooth knives, scalloped tooth knives, serrated tooth knives, cutoff knives, razor blades, zig zag knives, knife and anvil, among other styles of knives. As always, our capabilities extend to custom manufactured blades as well.

Packing Blade Customization

AQS has a vast range of capabilities in the manufacturing of custom packaging knives. We work from a variety of materials, including the highest grade of both carbon steel and stainless steel. We also offer coatings such as Titanium Nitride, Black oxide and others. We offer a variety of different tooth shapes on our packaging machine knives, including straight, circular, pointed tip, serrated, and scalloped teeth. These knives can be used across multiple industries, including fresh and dry food packaging, medical packaging, polyethylene plastic bag manufacturing, film and foil converting, and many others. Applications include perforating, rewinding, cut off, cross cut, horizontal and vertical cut and other packaging knife applications.

Shrink Sleeve Guillotine Knives

Shrink Sleeve Guillotine Knives

Guillotine knives, also referred to as straight knives, are commonly used in shrink sleeve machinery. Manufacturers often use one stationary and one moving knife in the cutting process. We manufacture, label, and sell these stationary and moving knives in pairs, with exactly mated tolerances for each set, ensuring a clean, repeatable cut with minimal maintenance.

Industrial Cut Off Knives

Industrial Cut Off Knives

AQS can offer solid advice on the material selection and design of the knife to fit an application. OEMs can rely on AQS for design help and formulation of their cutoff blade. We offer competitive pricing, 100% inspection department approval, and stocking programs.

Toothed Blade Manufacturer

Toothed Blade Manufacturer

A considerable portion of the packaging knives offered at AQS are toothed knives. Our factory uses precision CNC grinding methods to produce toothed blades with individually ground teeth, with sharpness and tolerances matching the OEM or our customer's exact specifications. We also offer toothed knives with custom tooth pitch and angle.

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