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American QuickSilver Holders: The Gold Standard in Pneumatic Score Knife Assemblies

When it comes to precision and durability for pneumatic score knife holders, American QuickSilver (AQS) stands out as a leading worldwide supplier. With a commitment to excellence, AQS produces over 5,000 slitter blade holders annually, offering a level of quality that surpasses many competitors. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of American QuickSilver holders and explore what makes them the gold standard in this industry.

AQS pneumatic score knife holder assemblies are known for their exact width sizing, smooth movement, and secure knife fit. These holders are versatile, finding applications in score slitting, crush cutting, pinking, and perforating. What sets AQS apart is their compatibility – their pneumatic holder is comparable to all PQAS-style holders available on the market. Whether you’re looking for in stock options or custom production, AQS has you covered.

Standard Pneumatic Holder

AQS offers two types of pneumatic holders. One option is a standard holder with a black oxide finish, and the second option has a special coating that reduces heat and makes it last longer. Heat is a common culprit behind score knife holder failures, and AQS addresses this issue by adding a slick coating to reduce friction. Each pneumatic holder undergoes rigorous testing, checking for leakage and ensuring smooth operation. Precision micrometers confirm thickness, held to a remarkable ±.001″.

The "Gold-Standard" Holder

AQS’s “Gold-Standard” holders take performance to the next level. These holders boast a titanium skin, significantly reducing friction while enhancing holder longevity. The titanium skin’s hardness surpasses that of the knife itself, offering resistance to high heat generated by friction and added protection against warping. These holders excel in high-use scenarios and when cutting abrasive materials. Notably, the corrosion-free titanium coating makes them perfect for applications in corrosive environments, such as food processing. Paired with AQS’s stainless-steel knives, these assemblies resist corrosion.

Spare Holder Parts Available

AQS also offers an array of spare parts for their pneumatic holders, ensuring your equipment stays in peak condition. All AQS score knife holder parts are interchangeable with units currently on the market, offering you versatility and ease of maintenance. Holder spacers and holder side plates are meticulously hardened and precision ground to meet the highest standards.

For added convenience, AQS offers the Quickclamp option for both holder styles. This quick-release lever facilitates swift clamp and release, simplifying access and maintenance of score holders already on the dovetail bar. You can opt to have these Quickclamps installed in-house or purchase them separately.

American QuickSilver holders are ideal when looking for precision, durability, and innovation in pneumatic score knife assemblies. Whether you choose the standard or “Gold-Standard” variant, you can expect top-tier quality and performance. With spare parts readily available, AQS ensures that your equipment remains in optimal condition. When it comes to pneumatic score knife holders, American QuickSilver sets the gold standard that others strive to emulate.

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