Meat Processing Knives

American Quicksilver’s Meat Processing Knives

American Quicksilver offers many different types of meat processing blades. We specialize in blades used for meat slicing and dicing. Some of these include circular meat and seafood processing blades, which are made out of the finest grade stainless steel. We ensure that our blades produce the cleanest and smoothest surface cuts with optimal efficiency. We offer a variety of tooth configurations including Standard V tooth, Scalloped, Vari-Depth V, Hi/Lo V, and others. We offer our circular meat cutting blades with many different materials, edge profiles, and coatings as well. For applications that require a sanitary blade, we also offer passivation as well.

Meat Processing Blade Options

Circular meat processing blades are not the only blades that we offer. We offer a wide range of meat processing blades such as spiral blades, stew blades, shredder blades, chopper blades and more. We offer blades for OEM’s like Townsend, FoodCraft, Globe, Hobart, Weber, Natec, Carruthers, Pappas, Anco, Gamco, Weiler, Wolfking..etc. We make many custom blades for OEM’s as well, so please do not hesitate to inquire about our capabilities.


OEMS For This Knife Type

  • Townsend
  • Carruthers
  • FoodCraft
  • Globe
  • Hobart
  • Weber
  • Natec
  • Pappas
  • Anco
  • Gamco
  • Weiler
  • Wolfking
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