Score Slitter Knives

In addition to being the largest supplier of the score knife holder assembly in North America, AQS is one of the largest suppliers of score knives. These score knives include both continuous edge and perforated score cut slitters. Our pneumatic score knife holders, score knives, and pneumatic holder accessories are all available from stock to our customers. These accessories include hoses, bearings, axles, piston forks, piston cups, stop blocks and more.

These slitters are involved in the crush cutting process. In this process, the material is places between the score knife and a hardened sleeve which cuts the material essentially by crushing it, hence the name. Because of the way these knives are used, they will have a larger radius rather than a razor sharp edge, allowing the knife to have a longer life. The sleeves used are typically made from a harder material than the knife itself to ensure that the sleeve does not become damaged from the score knife. We also supply these hardened sleeves for this process.

AQS’ score knives are made to the highest standards. Our ISO:9002 certified factory ensures our quality on the tight tolerance and high durability required by these slitter knives. We maintain this level of quality for both our continuous edge score knives as well as our perforated score knives.

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