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The American QuickSilver Company was founded in 1998 and has grown into one of the top knife suppliers of high tolerance, high-quality industrial products in the country.

The company’s reputation was built on five core principles:

  • Great personal care, attention, and respect for customers.
  • Quality of products.
  • Timely delivery on orders.
  • Fair and competitive pricing.
  • Flexibility in all areas to best serve all customers.

With a small staff focused on keeping to these core principles, AQS has built itself into a multi-million dollar, family owned and operated top blade supplier. It is set apart from other knife companies in the fact that most of our effort is focused on providing 100% customer satisfaction. Time and energy is focused on the customer.  Advice is offered on correct engineering, material selection, and any other questions or concerns that the customer may have. The customer is the priority, not just getting the sale.

AQS continues to expand its product lines and to move forward with technology and the world with its business practices to serve the customer in the best way possible while still adhering to the core beliefs that the company was built upon. 

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