Spare Parts for Pneumatic Knife Holders

American Quicksilver offers a wide array of spare parts for all of our pneumatic holders. All AQS score knife holder parts are 100% interchangeable with units currently on the market. The holder spacers and holder side plates are hardened and precision ground.

For both of our score holder styles, there is the option to install the Quickclamp. This quick release lever serves as a speedy clamp and release option for easy access and maintenance of score holders already on the dovetail bar. You have the option of having these installed in-house or for purchase separately.

Features of AQS Spare Parts

  • Completely interchangeable with all PQAS holders on the market
  • Made in ISO 9001 factory with quality guaranteed
  • More cost efficient than buying directly from the OEM (Dienes)

  • Spare Parts for Pneumatic Knife Holders
    *601.00 Cylinder Housing
    *602.00 Piston Cup
    *603.00 Piston Fork
    *604.00 Internal Compression Spring
    *605.00 Stop Block
    *607.00 OXC LH Side Plate Black Oxide
    *607.00 TC LH Side Plate Teflon
    *608.00 OXC RH Side Plate Black Oxide
    *608.00 TC RH Side Plate Teflon
    *609.00 Flat Head Screw
    *610.00 Clamp Block Screw
    *611.00 Threaded Clamp Block
    *612.00 Spring Pin
    *613.00 Swival Clamp
    *614.00 Spacer
    *616.00 European Coupling
    *616.01 American Coupling
    *618.00 Swivel Clamp Spring
    *620.00 21″ American Hose Assembly
    *621.00 21″ European Hose Assembly
    *748.02 19mm Sheilded Bearing
    *748.03 6mm Axle
    *866.02 22mm Sheilded Bearing
    *866.03 8mm Axle

    For more information regarding our holder parts, give us a call or contact us today!

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