Pneumatic Knife Holders

AQS is a leading worldwide supplier of pneumatic score knife holder assemblies. We produce more than 5,000 slitter blade holders each year and offer a knife holder superior to many on the market with exact width size, clean movement, and secure knife fit.

All AQS score knife holder parts are 100% interchangeable with units currently on the market. The holder spacers and holder side plates are hardened and precision ground. Each pneumatic holder is assembled, tested for leakage and smooth operation. Thickness is checked with precision micrometers and is held to ±.001″.

Our pneumatic holders are available in a standard black oxide finish or with a ‘friction free’ coating that reduces heat and extends holder life. Heat is a primary factor in score knife holder failure. Our solution is to slick coat those items influenced by friction.

In addition to our basic models, we also offer our Gold Standard Holder.

These Gold Standard holders have a titanium skin, allowing the knife to operate with less friction while preserving holder life. The skin is harder than the knife itself and resists high heat from friction and adds additional protection against warping. These holders are ideal for use in applications where abrasive materials are cut and the skin also allows for better lubricity and wear resistance. This coating also offers a corrosion free or rust resistant solution for corrosive applications.

For both of our score holder styles, there is the option to install the Quickclamp. This quick release lever serves as a speedy clamp and release option for easy access and maintenance of score holders already on the dovetail bar. You have the option of having these installed in-house or for purchase separately.

Applications of these score knife holders fall within score slitting, crush cutting, pinking and perforating. We have a number of different styles of blades that can be used with these pneumatic holders available in our inventory or for custom production.



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